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Systane™ Beta Glucan
Natural Support for Healthy Living

Beta glucans, along with a healthy balanced diet, can help to:

Achieve healthier cholesterol levels
Non-digestible beta glucans work to bind and remove cholesterol, fats & bile acids
Build immunity for strong defense
Beta glucans work to build immunity & support response
Maintain healthy, balanced blood sugar levels
Slows glucose absorption to the blood from digested foods.
Protect against harmful free radicals
Strong anti-oxidants bind and neutralize free radicals that can harm healthy tissues
Improve digestive health and regularity
The soluble fiber from beta glucan promotes digestive function and helps to maintain a healthy colon
Lose weight and feel more energized
Non-digestible beta glucan soluble fibers create a feeling of fullness that reduces the desire for food intake

Systane™ products contain highly concentrated cereal beta glucans from naturally healthy, golden barley grains. For over 30 years, scientists around the world have studied these remarkable molecules found in barley and oats and their multiple effects on human health. Their benefits to the cardiovascular, immune, glucose metabolism and digestive systems are now well documented in scores of scientific articles.

Beta Glucans are especially beneficial if you are among the growing group of people concerned with improving nutrition as a part of maintaining a healthy, vigorous lifestyle. Systane™ provides a choice of natural, convenient ways to add beta-glucans in your daily routine and helps you toward your goals for better health.




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